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Our TORS Cultural Asset mapping system is a comprehensive tool for collecting real data about spaces, and art collections.

Cultural Asset Mapping   

Measurable data from environment interaction. How do people use spaces, and what is important to them?

Powered by Mergeculture Gallery’s network of global artists, curators, and researchers in the world of contemporary art, the TORS system is an easy-to-implement cultural asset mapping tool that anyone can use. The system is directly integrated with our exclusive TORS marketing platform that creates walking tours, interactive installations, biking tours, and engagement strategies.

Leading the way with the Pixelstix API, the TORS system uses Pixelstix plaques and the optional Pixelstix app to drive discovery, curiosity, and inspiration within a community. The TORS system helps placemaking marketers, developers, and curators get the most out of a public art collection, unique architecture, or a collection of cultural assets.

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