Acoustic Dreams Art Collection

30 world-class visual artists give guitars a new life.

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A branded collection of recycled guitars with Mergeculture Gallery and Gasparilla Music Festival.

A collection of broken guitars as art was created to promote the Gasparilla Music Festival’s Recycled Tunes program, which gives resources to title-1 schools to purchase instruments. The collection featured artists from all over Florida and was the first exhibit to be displayed and open to the public at the brand new Ferman Center for the Arts at the University of Tampa. CLRTY Agency manages the collection curated by Mergeculture Gallery, the collection is archived and documented with each guitar holding a certificate of authenticity.

This collection uses a mapping system that we developed for Mergeculture Gallery called TORS Collections which uses Pixelstix technology. The sold pieces are archived and documented by Mergeculture Gallery and can be located anywhere in the world to keep the collection together as a whole unit. 

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