Bloom on Franklin Art and Music Festival

A place to experience 4 craft breweries, art openings, live painting, and a cost-free outdoor concert.

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A grassroots, cost free, art and music festival centralized along the main artery of Downtown Tampa, Historic Franklin Street.

Bloom on Franklin was a monthly ceremony of creative talent and innovation in the Tampa Bay Area; built on unity, love, and growth along the first paved street in Downtown Tampa. The event fostered creative freedom through live painting and performing arts programming bringing artists and small businesses together to create a vibrant and collaborative experience. From fire performers, over 40 vendors, international art exhibit openings, a drum circle in the middle of the city, and every genre of music from house, hip hop to folk, this festival was small, but had it all. Our team crafted the event, created the sponsorship decks, organized and executed a content strategy, created recap videos, and documented the event thoroughly. Bloom “on Franklin” is scheduled to return in a different way as Bloom “Downtown” in the near future.

Services provided, and how we can help you: Our team can enhance event production and conversations for ticket sales, and we enjoy collaborating on accessible events with a unique set of challenges. We also have a top-notch event documentation team that can cover photography, video editing, recap videos, social media content strategy, and event website creation.

Project Details

  • Partner: Tampa Downtown Partnership
  • Features: 9 active locations
  • Services: Design and Operations
  • Booking: Musicians & Live Artists
  • Marketing: In-House Social Media Content Strategy
  • Design: Flyers, Maps, UX Research

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