Tampa Walls! Mural School

Through the development of programs for both kids and adults, this collaborative outdoor art initiative is the first of it's kind.

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Mural School is a community engagement project that teaches artists of all ages how to thrive.

Question: How do we learn more about the communities we are a part of?

Answer: We see what they create. We do that through Mural School.

We’ve found the easiest way to strengthen a community is to empower the creative minds within a small group. We partner with Neighborhood Associations, City Departments, School Systems, and mission-aligned non-profits to help identify the need for creative services that solve unique problems. Our mural school program empowers students to learn from professional artists, and harness skills that have been passed down from graffiti artists, and muralists through a Worldwide network of artists. 

Mural School teaches its students about the doodle grid, different spray can techniques and brush painting techniques, and art history all combined - the participants in the learning program get to work on an actual mural being produced in the community alongside a professional artist.

Project Details

  • Project: Tampa Walls Mural Festival
  • Mergeculture Artist In Residency Program
  • Partners: YMCA, Tampa Regional Artists, Worldwide Walls, Man Made Murals
  • Artists: Multiple

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